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What I am Thankful For - Happy Thanksgiving from TradeMaster Chris

This year Thanksgiving in Ontario has changed for many people as we have had to learn to adapt to living “with the Vid”. In my home it will just be the four of us instead of the annual huge family gathering that usually requires two full days in the gym just to offset the caloric intake. (BTW it’s totally worth it and I wouldn’t change it for the world)

I’ll be missing everyone for sure, but I’m still channeling the spirit of the season. When I dug deep down in my thoughts, I’ve come up with a list of the top ten things this HVAC/R mechanic is truly grateful for at this time.

  1. My sense of humor. It has always got me through the tough times. Seriously, what 313A or 313D mechanic hasn’t eventually surrendered to simply looking up at the sky and laughing when every little thing that can go wrong on the job – does go wrong. LOL

  2. A personal drive. To get up every day, make an action list, then get it done! The most successful refrigeration mechanics I know, all have the ability to just ‘push’ through to the finish line. They know that a big part of the job requires the sheer will to “just get it done”.

  3. My lifelong friends. That circle of people who have my back no matter what. It provides me with a sense of confidence at all times which is very easy to take for granted.

  4. My Dog “Halo”. Thank you for teaching me the meaning of loyalty and unconditional love. I miss you.

  5. Fearlessness. The single most important characteristic which signals guaranteed success in life on any level – at least in my humble opinion.

  6. Being Canadian. I look around the world and thank my lucky stars to be in this incredible country of inclusiveness, diversity and tolerance. I hope it never changes.

  7. Veterans. Whether you were born here or came from afar, we are all the beneficiaries of their efforts and in some cases, their ultimate sacrifice.

  8. Having four seasons. Can there be anything more beautiful than the colors of the trees right now? At the end of each season, I can’t wait for the next one. There’s so much to see and do!

  9. The Heating, refrigeration and air conditioning trade. It has allowed me to live a wonderful life. It put food on my table. It paid my mortgage. It kept me healthy and strong. It let me become a Professor and pass on what I have learned to young bright minds – the future of our industry!

  10. My wife and my son. Without them I am nothing. They truly are ‘my everything’.

What’s on your list???

Trademasters Workshop Trainer Chris

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