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The TradeMasters Workshop Podcast will make you a better mechanic – guaranteed!

When I was a first year 313A refrigeration apprentice I carried a pager around and some quarters in my pocket – just in case I received the dreaded ‘911’ code which meant literally drop everything, find a payphone and call the office immediately! If we wanted to learn new tricks of the trade it was either ‘trial by fire’, ‘learn from your mistakes’ or ‘bug the hell out the mechanics with a million questions on the job’ Haha I still laugh at how much things have changed.

Today, HVAC/R technicians have the world at their fingertips. Powerful smart phones are information gateways that can answer just about any question that arises on the job. Need a P-T chart, just google it. Why is my superheat too low, just google it. 10 best ways to impress a customer, just google it! How to calm a barking dog, just google it!

Top 313A refrigeration and 313D air conditioning technicians always find unique multi modal ways to utilize their tools better than the rest of the pack. I’m sure using their cell phones to elevate their abilities is a similar way is no different. In fact I’d bet my reputation that cell phones are now their most used tool on their trucks.

Perhaps there is one more way to differentiate yourself by using your cell phone?

Try podcasting while you are driving. Our TradeMaster’s Workshop Podcast is a weekly interview which discusses all things HVAC/R. Our guests include top leaders in industry ranging from HVAC/R service business owners, equipment manufacturers, training experts, electronic control experts, homeowners, students, technicians, … etc.

We are a unique trade with a unique voice and a unique set of opinions. Get the inside scoop and make yourself a better tech by listening in.

To access them all visit and click the podcast button. Or, go anywhere you listen to your podcasts and search “TradeMasters Workshop”. You once learned to drive, now you can drive to learn.

TradeMaster Chris

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