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Expert at what?

Most of us have natural proclivities that make us good at doing certain things. With a little luck we discover those natural gifts and hone them through practice. Myself, I’ve always been quite athletic. I love the feeling of my body in motion so I’ve spent years participating in sports like hockey and skiing and, my personal favorite – strength training with weights. Despite turning 50 years old this year I am actually the strongest I’ve ever been (no doubt because I’ve been at it for about 35 years now LOL)

So it begs the question: Does simply doing something for a long time make one an ‘Expert’ at it? Are the proverbial 10 000 hours or training enough? The more I think about it, the more I realize the answer to the question is definitively NO. As a matter of fact nobody in society refers to me as an ‘expert’ in weight lifting (even though I know a heck of a lot about it) and perhaps these are some sensible reasons why:

  1. Experts go to school and get an education in their field. It usually involves in depth study from textbooks authored by other experts in the field. They take from their education the necessary building blocks for a career path. Key pieces like ‘nomenclature’ and ‘rules’ which govern an industry will be highly valued.

  2. Experts tend to have certifications or licenses and are paid for the application and practice of their skill set at work.

  3. Experts, in almost every case learn under the tutelage of more experienced individuals. The idea of mentorship is essential. Doctors, lawyers and HRAC mechanics all undergo some form of apprenticeship.

  4. Ongoing Formal training while already employed is essential. 313A and 313D air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics are constantly taking a certification here and a weekend course there in order to stay on top of the changing technology and ever evolving rules and regulations which ensure public safety.

Well there you have it. No boxes checked and therefore, I am not an expert on weight lifting. I am however, an expert at both HRAC systems and teaching. That’s why my business partner and I created TradeMasters Workshop Incorporated When apprentices are ready to get even closer to becoming a fully licensed Refrigeration or Air Conditioning expert, they can take our pre-examination study courses to prepare for their final 313A or 313D licensing exam.

TradeMaster Chris.

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