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As trainers we asked ourselves, how can we improve exam success for every kind of learner?  Each of us is so different.

An examination represents a concern. There will be unknown questions, time restraints to contend with and of course, the perceived consequences of failure. It is normal to experience some intrepidation.


We knew if we could train a student to overcome these fears, then the anxiety of passing a huge exam will be destroyed!

So we carefully constructed a learning system which utilizes a mixture of traditional classroom style techniques with modern remote teaching tools. 


Our classes are places where students are professionally guided to demonstrate successfully and repeatedly how to derive the correct answers to CofQ style questions.  They are provided with self-assessment tools which bear the proof of their continual progress.  They are part of a group yet still enjoy the privacy and comfort of their homes while in our live ‘screen-to-screen’ classrooms. Finally, they are monitored and steered to consistently stay on track so the projected result is nothing less than total and complete exam preparedness!


We know our clients are competent AC/R technicians and we know our staff are competent AC/R instructors. It therefore explains why the new ways we have created to both learn and teach is reflected in our business mantra of "Reconstructing Competence."

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