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Welcome to TradeMasters Workshop Inc.

Who are we? 

We are a group of skilled-trades instructors who have a passion for training and coaching.  We bring a rare combination of professional educator skills, trades expertise, and state-of-the-art methods of remote delivery.

What do we do? 

TradeMasters Workshop Inc offers pre-exam review to 313A Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic or the 313D Residential Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic apprentices who are going to take their Certificate of Qualification examination (CfQ). 

We reconstruct competencies.

  1. Bring your hands-on skills and practical knowledge. 

  2. Learn how to use them as building blocks.  

  3. Construct the competencies of answering hundreds of CfQ multiple choice questions.

Where are we located? 

TradeMasters Workshop Inc lives and thrives online.  We utilize a fully integrated Learning Management System and provide trainees with user-friendly tools to connect to and actively participate in our live lessons.

How long are the courses and when are they delivered? 

TradeMasters Workshop Inc live lessons are delivered on Saturdays between at 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM (Toronto, Ontario Time).  313A pre-exam course is 5 weeks and 313D is 3 weeks.

What is our business model?

In TradeMasters Workshop Inc, we stand behind the quality of our training.  A trainee who completes the training course successfully but fails the Certificate of Qualification examination has the right to retake the course for free.

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